“She was yet to mother her first… Then an accident; the accident made her someone’s hero… That someone is me. I love you MOTHER.” ~From a son whose mother died from postpartum hemorrhage. At the age of 7, he writes…

Sacrilege!! I overtook my age
It should’ve been a miscarriage
And I wouldn’t be the criminal
That sent her soon for her burial…

I can’t remember how I did it
But for sure I am the culprit
I came out to give her a blast
Had I known her next breath was the last…

The night was in its late hours
In April, a month of rain showers
A life given, a life taken
Mine for hers, the befallen…

The flowers brought for the occasion
Have withered on her tombstone
I’ll never say it’s her fault
It’s out of love that she refused to abort…

They told me it was fast
She said: “The baby first”
They carried on with her will
Just to find her lying still…

That’s how I orphaned myself
This fact can’t be kept in a shelf
And I’ll forever live with this sorrow
For killing my greatest hero…

If only to the past I could run
Coz without her the present is no fun
Why no time machine ever built
To give me a chance to erase this guilt?

I killed her the day I was born
That day; apart was my new life torn
And an endless pain for me was guaranteed
Because for her my heart will forever bleed…


It beats
Like the heart in its cage
Not to grow old with age
But to soothe your rage
As it gives a gentle urge
And stays in your head
Or tucks you in your bed
When the sun becomes a shade.

It beats
To keep you craving for more
And give it another go
To do you like the sun does the snow
Or lift you up from the low

It beats
Reminding you to live
All the days you’d love to have
And if you make a wrong move
It’ll calm you with another groove

It beats
That’s how it speaks
To the soul full of needs
With a whisper that gives wings
To stand you up on your weary knees.

It beats
To break walls
And ease your wars
When it roars
Your soul soars…
MUSIC beats…


What of that moment
That will soon not be present
That some hearts always resent
Coz it stays like a monument
No matter how much you wish it didn’t.

The kiss becomes a wave of goodbye
Love disappears in the other’s eye
But stays in their hearts to make them cry
Coz it’ll never go away
Something will bring it back your way
Memories, anger or guilt
Regrets and all you want to forget
But there’s no end to an end.

We always don’t understand
Why there has to be an end
That forces us to trade
An old for a new friend
A question to where we stand
That limits our sight to just the bend
Throwing into oblivion what’s worth the wait
That’s how we miss out on what’s great.

And we let go the other hand
To watch what we wrote on the sand
Being swept away by the breeze;
Then dies the rose
That showed the one you chose
But couldn’t keep close
And all we got to lose
To an end without an end.


I forgot your name
Not that I wanted to
I thought it’d be easy
To be a little cheesy
And call you mine.

I forgot your name
I thought it was a game
You showed up with the rules
So I lost to my daydream
Which fooled me that you’re mine.

I forgot your name
The heart only pumps blood
I can keep you in the flow
Not on my messy mind
Where I keep whatever that’s mine.

You know I forgot your name
The excuse to call you Beautiful
But then you’d have lots of names
If I choose to call you what you are
So simply let me call you mine.

I forgot your name
But I remember it in lines like these
And striking gales of loneliness
When my trials to reach out fail
To that past when you were mine.

I forgot your name
I set up the trap that caught me
I’m small to run, I’ll just crawl
Keep chasing you in my mind
You’re my dream that was never mine.

I forgot your name
I’ll remember it when I want to
Which seems to work until it doesn’t
Then I start all over again
Finding my ways to cope with losing what’s mine.



I’m willing to tell
My truth is not for sale
Not in all coz I mean well
Don’t want to see u turn pale
So I give u half a tale

It’s a story of blood
Of how I was highly favored
And saved when Someone suffered
The King I now call Dad
But half a story shouldn’t be sad

Coz it’s about victory over death
And life with a new breath
By just embracing the grace
And allowing to be drawn close
For another chapter in half a story

It’s a new story, I no longer worry
About my past that would keep me weary
Or give me more loads to carry
But my sins He did bury
To give me this half a story

The other half is gone
That’s why He was born
And I wasn’t saved alone
Ur story might differ from mine
So share ur half a story when u can

Mine is half coz it goes on
Never think He’s long gone
Coz He’s forever on the Throne
And He’ll be back soon
For a better chapter of half a story


FullSizeRenderIt was just yesterday that he proposed to her in marriage, 2 months ago… Now he wakes up in a hospital to see her by the bedside… An accident left him paralyzed… He can’t talk nor write. This is what he keeps in his head… It can only come out through the tears from his eyes…

DON’T WAIT another second to fleet
I’m not the last good man to meet
Follow another heartbeat
Someone standing on their feet
Do not hesitate about it
If u find love don’t resist

DON’T WAIT for me to heal
Or think a lot about how I will feel
Stop dreaming, this is real
Lock up our memory with a firm seal
Do I look too difficult to deal (with)?

DON’T WAIT fearing that it’ll be loud
That u won’t be able to answer the crowd
About the new meaning of this bond
When our choice to stay shallow becomes profound
U don’t need them to nod

DON’T WAIT, forget the ring
Find a new song for ur heart to sing
Allow the feelings to swing
As if hanging on a string
And love the changes they’ll bring

DON’T WAIT for my story to have an end
Someone else will come around
Ur heart shouldn’t be hard to mend
If it does, count on me as a friend
We can always play pretend
Pretend to understand
Where we now stand
And this choice of side
That limits our sight to just the bend
DON’T WAIT for why this is the end.


A story of a 7 years old kid who survived an attack on his home because he was hit to lose consciousness. The attack cost the lives of his parents… During the trial of his parents’ murderer, he reads…

He bruised his hard knuckles
Hitting my face to break my jaws
To give me something to wear on the outside
Like some jewelry that would empty my cards
Now I’m sure he knows the became scars
And he will never understand my vows
To forgive him and forget his crows
Got the world shocked by my beautiful flaws

Man, I REMEMBER the hit was hard
But the skin didn’t break apart
I was surprised that only the heart
Agreed to carry the placard
And to raise sound like a herald
At least now it can do as it’s told
I guess I owe him more than gold
Coz he had to be really bold
It takes more than having your soul sold
To allow a heart so cold
To blur your sane spirit like a mold
That you put someone’s life on hold.

I REMEMBER and I’m really thankful
What he did was somehow thoughtful
Trying to hide my eyes from the awful
As I blacked out to miss the painful
That he made my people go through

I REMEMBER and still my heart bleeds
I pay the price of his deeds
He cut off the ears to my pleas
The providers of my feeds
Sadly the rest of the people are reeds
They despise me forgetting our creeds
And now I got no one to know my needs

I REMEMBER but I’ll let God decide his fate
I can’t ask for his head on a plate
Because my loss is not to rate
Nor that would bring back the late
I know the judge will decide the stockade
I’m out of strength, mate
And I ain’t got none to celebrate
But sure I’ll visit the inmate.